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Alana Tomlin tattooing

Alana Tomlin

Traditional and Pop Culture Tattoos

Hello! Who is Alana Tomlin, you ask? I am a gal who's purpose on this tiny planet is to create art as it makes me genuinely happy. I identify as she/ her/ they/ them and love bold traditional tattoos that mix with pop culture, along with anime based tattoos! Illustrative work is what I love doing so if you would like a bold design, get in contact and let's make something fun! I finished my apprenticeship at the end of 2022 after 2 years of tattooing. It may be early days, but I'm super excited to see where my work goes as I progress!


A little more about me: I graduated in Visual Communication Design Honours and have worked on a number of fun, creative projects such as apparel design, album art, game character design, animation and comic book art. I love anime, horror movies, cats, vegan ramen and drag queens. Charizard and Meowth are still my favourite Pokémon. Korra is my favourite avatar. I once killed a red dragon in DnD. Did I mention that I like making art? I really, really love making art.

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