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Brody Calypso

Gender Warrior

I am a neurodivergent queer, non-binary trans artist who is interested in tattoos as part of a pathway towards self love, agency, and acceptance. I believe there is transformative potential in the process of adornment.

I am a white person with a mixed German/European cultural background and have spent most of my life living in so-called Australia. I started tattooing at Crucible Tattoo Co., Naarm/Melbourne in December 2015, shortly after it opened, and worked there until March 2024. In May 2024 I started at FLT Tattoo in Mulubinba/Newcastle. I often travel to other places to do guest spots, including Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. I'd like to add Brisbane and Hobart to the list.

I endeavour to create an experience around tattooing that is nurturing, accessible and compassionate - with the end result being a tattoo that is beautiful, significant, and positive for the wearer.

I am comfortable and confident tattooing people with: melanated skin, mature skin, scarred/textured skin, disabled and/or fat bodies.

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