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Terms and Conditions

Please see the following for our terms and conditions regarding bookings and deposits at FLT Tattoo Studio.

Your appointment is not secured until the deposit is paid, if the deposit is not paid within 72 hours of receiving the payment request, the appointment slot may be given to another client.


Deposits are the booking fee to confirm your appointment and are NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferrable. You must give a MINIMUM OF 72 HOURS’ NOTICE via email to reschedule an appointment, otherwise the deposit will be forfeit. If your appointment is rescheduled, please be aware that we will only hold your deposit in the system for 6 months, and you can reschedule your appointment once only before your deposit is lost. Your deposit will remain with us until the final appointment of the tattoo and may be used towards the drawing fee. The deposit is not refundable in the event of your artist being prevented, by illness or injury, from working on the day of the booking, but your deposit will be rolled over to a later appointment.


If you change your mind about the design or placement after your appointment is booked, please contact your artist immediately via email. You may be required to pay a drawing fee if the artist has begun work on the design and you may forfeit your appointment depending on time requirements and other variables affecting the appointment. If you change your mind about the design within 72 hours of your appointment, the deposit may be lost. The reason for this is that we book a set amount of time to tattoo the design and a great deal of time and planning goes into each design. Please be aware that our artists agree to designs that are within their style and interest, and if you change your mind to something they do not tattoo, the artists reserved the right to decline and you may forfeit your deposit.


At FLT we will NOT, under any circumstances, tattoo a person under the legal age of 18. Please bring your physical ID to the appointment. If you make an appointment and are under the age of 18, your deposit will be lost.


FLT is a small, private studio, we ask that you come to your appointment by yourself. The main reason for this is to comply with physical distancing rules and minimise crowding in the studio. Also, if the studio is too busy or there is too much noise it could interfere with the artist's concentration. The exception to this rule is if you require an aide, interpreter, carer or similar. If you need someone to accompany you to your appointment ment, please email the studio to or email your artist directly so they are aware. We cannot accommodate children and babies in the studio at any time for health and safety reasons. 


The studio rate starts at $200 per hour and the minimum starts at $200 but varies depending on the artist. Our artists will charge at their own discretion and may charge a drawing fee. If you would like to know the individual artists' fees, please email them directly. The timer for charging begins when the client is taken over to the artists station for wither the stencil to be placed on or the design drawn on. The timer includes short breaks but the artist may pause the timer for a lunch break. The timer will be stopped after the tattoo is wrapped up. Prices are non-negotiable and while the artist may give you a rough estimate, the final price will be given upon completion of the tattoo. While we prefer cash payments, we do accept EFTPOS payments (you will be liable for the 1.8% EFTPOS surcharge), there are also several ATMs nearby the studio for your convenience.


We do our final drawings on the day of the appointment (though often begin researching and sketching a week or more in advance) and do NOT send out designs prior to the appointment. Our artists do custom, original work in their own unique styles, at an appropriate size for the design. While we are happy to make minor adjustments to the design and accommodate your ideas, we ask that you respect our artist’s professional knowledge regarding composition, size, and technical application. Major changes or multiple changes to the design may result in an additional drawing fee and possibly require the appointment to be rescheduled due to the time it takes, in which case the deposit will be lost.


We offer ONE free touch-up, if needed, for the tattoo and this must be done within 6 months of the completion of the tattoo. After this time, the touch-up will incur a fee. If your tattoo requires a touch-up because of negligent healing, the touch up will incur a fee. We do NOT do free touch-ups for faces, hands, fingers, and feet, if you require a touch-up on these areas, it will incur a fee.


Please attend your appointment on time, allow yourself sufficient time to park and find the studio, email us if you think you may be late. If you are unreasonably late you may lose your deposit at the artists discretion and if you are more than 30 minutes late your deposit may be forfeit as our artists have a busy schedule to maintain. If you are running late due to circumstances out of your control, please contact your artist via email as soon as possible, as this gives the artist an opportunity to make any necessary arrangements. To assist with your travel arrangements the nearest train station is Hamilton Station. There is, unfortunately, no long-term parking in the immediate vicinity of the studio, but 2-hour street parking is available.

If you arrive to the appointment and we are unable to tattoo you for the following reasons, your deposit will be forfeit: you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are rude, disrespectful, bigoted or make inappropriate comments or behaviours, your presence in the studio presents an unjustifiable risk the studio's safety, if you make staff or other clients feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We reserve the right to remove a person from the studio at any time. We have zero tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming or any bigotry.


To prepare for your appointment, try to get a good night’s sleep, try to avoid drinking alcohol and be sure to eat a solid meal and hydrate. It is important to be well rested, if possible, for your tattoo. Avoid the sun in the week leading up to your appointment as we cannot tattoo sunburnt or peeling skin. If your skin is in such a condition as we cannot safely tattoo it on the day of the appointment, your deposit will be forfeit. Regularly moisturising your skin in the lead up to the appointment can help the skin's condition considerably. Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to make it easy to access the area being tattooed and ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. We also suggest you wear darker colours as ink may be transferred. Bring a bottle of water and light snacks (like a banana or muesli bar) to help keep your blood sugar levels up and stay hydrated.


For more information about our studio policies or getting tattooed at FLT please see the Q&As on our Information page. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us anytime.

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