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Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold

Modern Japanese and Illustrative Traditional

Hi my name is Dan Arnold, my pronouns are he/him. I've been tattooing since 2013. Before tattooing, I started in cartoons,illustrations & street art.

Outside of tattooing I still enjoy practicing with different mediums. Once I started tattooing I fell in love with Japanese tattoos & traditional tattoos and the history behind them.

I draw influence from the things I enjoy and grew up with like Hardcore/Punk/Metal music & album art, skateboard art, video games, 80's & 90's sci-fi fantasy art. Warhammer and comics. I love making any tattoos relating to these themes. I'm open to doing most styles of tattooing. 
Although my main focus and passion is in
Traditional & Japanese with my own twist to it.

I love tattooing, I love meeting new clients and bringing their ideas to life.

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