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Thank you for getting tattooed at FLT, please read the following aftercare instructions to ensure the best results for your new tattoo.

Aftercare is the most important part of the tattoo process and it is crucial that you follow only your artists directions (artists may have different aftercare techniques according to how their work heals). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately, either by emailing your artist directly or via email to

Please send us a photo of your healed tattoo, we love to see them healed and settled.

Waiting room at FLT

Tattoo Film

Instructions for tattoo aftercare using the tattoo film dressing.

  • Upon completion of the tattoo the artist will clean the area and apply a tattoo film dressing (such as opsite or saniderm etc).

  • The dressing is breathable but water and bacteria resistant. You can shower with the dressing on but do not submerge in water.

  • Leave dressing on for a minimum of two to three days, if possible and a maximum of four to five days.

  • The dressing may fill with fluid (a mixture of ink, plasma and blood), this is normal and aides in the healing process. There is no need to drain the fluid.

  • If the dressing becomes uncomfortable, causes itching or pain in the skin, remove immediately and clean thoroughly, this may be an allergic reaction.

  • If the dressing is about to start leaking, you can add more of the film to prevent leaking. If leaking occurs within the first two days, you can remove the dressing, clean the area and apply a new dressing.

  • If the dressing leaks, remove immediately in case of contamination.

  • To remove the dressing, pull gently and slowly, under warm running water in the shower and clean thoroughly with warm water and a gentle soap. Excess adhesive can be removed with adhesive removal wipes, which you can purchase from a pharmacy.

  • Once the dressing has been removed, follow aftercare instructions as provided below.

Other Aftercare

Instructions for standard tattoo aftercare.

  • If you do not choose to use the tattoo film, please follow these aftercare guidelines.

  • Upon completion of the tattoo the artist will clean the area and wrap it in clingfilm, or leave uncovered depending on the piece.

  • After an hour or two, remove the clingfilm and clean the tattoo in the shower with warm water and a gentle soap.

  • Pat the area dry with clean towels or tissues and allow to air dry for 10 mintutes.

  • With clean hands, apply a small amount of tattoo aftercare cream such as hustle butter or use a non-scented moisturiser like vitamin E cream, sorbolene, cetaphil, cocoa butter, shea butter etc.

  • DO NOT use bepanthen, savlon, paw paw or anything scented or too oily. It is important that the tattoo does not become too sticky.

  • Clean the tattoo morning and night and apply moisturiser two to three times daily. DO NOT TOUCH unless necessary and with clean hands only.

  • If the tattoo becomes very dry you can moisturise more frequently. If it is too moist, allow it to dry out and use less moisturiser.

  • Avoid swimming, sun exposure, contact with animals or children, and any environment where the wound may become contaminated until fully healed. Do not pick the scabs.

  • Once healed, moisturise regularly and apply sunscreen when outdoors for longevity.

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