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Brooke Steele

Brooke Steele

Supernatural Japanese Tattoos

My name is Brooke Steele, my pronouns are she/her and I've been tattooing seven years. I have an interest in dark and supernatural Japanese style tattoos as well as dynamic floral designs.


I’ve always loved horror movies, art, books and anything paranormal. When I first got into tattooing and discovered Japanese art I realised that there was an incredible history and folklore including the supernatural with ghosts, demons and monsters that appealed to me. 


I enjoy the rich culture and history within Japanese art and tattooing, as well as the way it reads from both close up and afar. Along with the stories and subject, I love the emphasis and importance on nature with elements like wind, lightening and water, for example, and how its movements in the design flatter the bodies natural form complementing the main subject. 


As well as smaller flash designs I also enjoy doing larger projects where I can draw the stencil directly on the body to create a design that moves with the individual bodies unique and organic flow.

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