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Client Bill of Rights

At FLT, we strive to create an environment where our clients can feel safe, respected and heard and we encourage our clients to communicate their needs and boundaries to us. The following is our Client Bill of Rights, inspired by the Client Bill of Rights by Tamara Santibanez, outlining your rights as a client at FLT Tattoo Studio:

The right to a clean and comfortable environment that follows best practices for health and safety. FLT has extremely high standards of cleanliness adhering strictly to NSW guidelines for skin penetration, we are all mindful of hygiene and safety for our clients and artists. We strive to ensure FLT is a comfortable studio environment with friendly staff, enjoyable music, comfortable furniture and beautiful art to enjoy while you visit.


The right to equal treatment and service regardless of race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, physical ability or health status. All of us at FLT are passionate about inclusivity and do not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or fatphobia.


The right to respectful communication, including the right to be addressed by your preferred name and correct pronouns (we also give you the choice to include this information in your booking request and release form). You have the right to be in an environment free of hate speech or verbal harassment, at FLT we strive to ensure conversations are friendly, non-violent and inclusive. If you would prefer a silent appointment where you don’t feel pressured to engage anyone in conversation please let your artist know, either by email or when you arrive for your appointment.


The right to an artist technically and stylistically suited to your tattoo request. All of our artists specialise in their own unique styles, into which they pour passion, time and energy to ensure the best results and give you a tattoo that you can enjoy throughout your life. When your request isn’t in line with our artists style or skill, we will refer you to an artist or studio that is better suited to your needs. 


The right to ask clarifying questions about the tattoo process and technical decisions that go into a design or placement limitations. You will have questions answered with patience and respect. Our artists are happy to discuss the tattoo process as it applies to your tattoo and to explain the technical aspects of healing your tattoo, how tattoos age and the design overall.


The right to be asked for approval with your final design, along with changes your artist may consider during your tattoo session. We actively include you in communication regarding the design and suggestions that we have during the tattoo. We will only proceed with suggested changes and alterations once discussed and approved by you.


The right to be asked for consent about physical contact and touch needed to apply the stencil and to perform your tattoo, including the adjustment or removal of clothing that can obstruct the area needed for tattooing. We will ask for consent, and if consent is given by you, we are happy for you to adjust your clothing or adjust it for you only if you ask us to or state that you are comfortable with us adjusting it.


The right to confidentiality around personal and private information, including the right to be asked for consent before photos of you are taken or posted. If there is any information you have discussed which you would like kept confidential, please let us know and we will respect your privacy. We will also allow you to check and consent to photos before they are posted if you prefer and will ask your permission before sharing videos or photos of you on our social media.


The right to personal privacy and comfort as requested, to be provided to the best ability of the artist and shop. If you are uncomfortable lying on the bed for your tattoo, please let your artist know and you will be provided with a chair, if possible for your tattoo placement. We can also provide a variety of cushions to help with your comfort and please don’t hesitate to let your artist know if you need to stretch, change position or use the bathroom. While we do not have any private rooms at FLT, we can provide you with privacy screens as requested and will do our utmost to ensure you are comfortable.


The right to self-advocacy to speak up and be heard if anything during your session, or your overall shop experience, does not feel right. If you do not feel comfortable discussing these things in front of others in the studio, please ask your artist for a private conversation. If speaking in person is difficult for you, please feel free to email the studio or your artist, your thoughts regarding your experience important to us. We will always strive to do our best at providing a safe and comfortable environment for our clients, so your feedback is always valued.


The right to have your accessibility needs met to the extent that FLT and our artists are able to provide. FLT is currently situated on the first floor with access via a staircase, which can make access difficult for some folks with mobility difficulties. If you’re unable to access the studio via the staircase, we can arrange a guest visit at another local studio to do your tattoo. Our friend Dane Tutty at Downunder Tattoo in Maryville kindly lets us guest at his studio when space is available. Alternatively, we are happy to offer a referral to a shop or artist who can best meet your needs.


We hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling experience here at FLT. Thank you for choosing us for your tattoo.


Kind regards,

The FLT team

Eddy, Sophie, Brooke, Siarn, Jade, Dan and Alana

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